An American has been sentenced to jail after being tried by the Ikeja court for fraud. Marco Ramirez was alleged to have duped Abubakar Umar and Olukayode Sodimu and was subsequently arrested by the EFCC and he was remanded at the Kirikiri prison after being tried and found guilty of fraud of $565,000.
Although the case was ajourned,he was skill kept in prison. Marco Ramirez who collected $545,000 from Godson Echejue, in an investment that will bring Godson permanent resident permit, (AMERICAN GREEN CARD) however Ramirez did not acquire this for Godson.
He was also alleged to have duped one Abubakar Umar of $10,000 in order to procure an American passport, and he also did the same with olukayode Sodimu for the same green card, which amounted to $565,000.
However the counsel for the defense Chukwudi Maduka appealed to judge Josephine Oyefeso, to temper justice with mercy and keep the accused in the custody of the EFCC and not in prison, however the appeal was rejected and Ramirez was eventually remanded in the kirikiri. Ramirez who is the managing director of three companies USA NOW PLC, EAGLEFORD INSTALODGE GROUP AND USA NOW CAPITAL GROUP has been alleged to have being duping Nigerians since 2013, will now be in custody till the next hearing by July 3.


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