Nnamdi kanu's quest for the emancipation of Biafra seems to have taken a downslide after his home community of Isiama Afaraukwu Ibeku in Abia state stated clearly that they would not be responsible for any afiliation linking them to the quest for Secession of which Nnamdi Kanu is agitation and are clearly under one Nigeria, debunking the agitation for IPOB. The community which spokesperson Geoffrey Onyemaobi addressed media men called for one nation after he reported that their Community is being ravaged by IPOB members engaging in unrest which has disturbed the peace of the community. Earlier last week it was reported that a large number of people have been gathering around Kanu's house, with motorcades and a large mammot of crowd singing and chanting. Earlier also it was reported that the president of Ohanaeze in Nigeria has also publicly disowned after it was alleged that kanu and his IPOB members are planing to Boycott the upcoming Elections in Anambra state. And still speaking, Geoffrey has called on the the government to curtail Kanu's Onslaught describing it as invasion. He also calls for peace as rioting and mass disturbance of their community may not solve the problem of secession.


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