The inferno which happened earlier in the week in London consumed a lot of lives and it happened in a block tower in the west side of London. The death toll has since then risen to 58, the British resident of that area has however asked for answers as to how the fire happened. Earlier on Saturday, the prime minister Theresa May has met Survivors who lost families to the tragedy broke the news of police search stating that at the Grenfell Tower, at least 88 people have been affected.

The Tower which was completly charred by the Tower was razed beyond recognition and the london police has recovered sixteen bodies from the building, including a Syrian victim identified as Mohammed Alhajali who was aged 23, and he lost his life, as he could not survive the fire. An adittional 58 were also found dead today, and the British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II has mourned the loss of patriotic Citizens, however reiterating the fact that the Country will not be shaken by the Tragedy.
Angry Citizens has however showed disappointment with placards and riots obviously sèeking Justice for the Victims who ended their life untimely, the angry mob called the Tower a DEATH TRAP stating that Chelsea Counil that was in Charge of the builiding, knew the real reasons for the fire.
However it was reported that 19 people are still in hospital, and the police promise to punish the responsible bodies involved after conducting their investigation, and also reward those that were displaced.


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