The transfer travails of Chelsea in the market is telling in the way Manchester United have gone about monitoring Chelsea targets in the market. With Antonio Rudiger the only major signing to arrive Chelsea, the fans are quite unhappy on how the Club have allowed Manchester United steal Romelu Lukaku from under their noses. However looking at it from a physcological angle, we could see that these transfer failing have been masterminded by antagonist Jose mourinho who wants to make sure that Chelsea would not take England by storm again and win the EPL again. Mourinho knows his arch rival are Chelsea, manchester City can not withstand United and so is Arsenal, he never expected the exploit of Conte on Chelsea. And when he lost 4-0 against Chelsea in probably the heaviest defeat of his Career. Jose Mourinho is outrightly scared of Chelsea, he knows he's got to do something to stop them in their stride, and this he's starting doing. Bakayoko may never even fit into the United system, but to Mourinho he wouldn't mind, the outspoken manager is out as a fox to downtrode on Chelsea and its clearer now. Chelsea who are looking to also make a move for Morata, has definitely got their plans cut out, a pretty closer look you wouldn't be suprise to see mourinho waiting in the wings, and if there's any sort of Bid agreement by Real Madrid and Chelsea, trust me, Mourinho would place a €100 million, just to show he does not want a league Triumph this coming season at stamford bridge.


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