"Fani Kayode is a spoilt child" prominent governor fires. (see news)

Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha has reacted to Femi Fani Kayode's accusation on his Visit to the U.K to sick president Buhari. Fani-kayode who has become popular with his controversial utterance, came out to state that Okorocha's article on his visit to Buhari are all "fake and lies" backing up his claims with the point that the released images looks rather fake than true. However the Imo state governor has come out in immediate response to Fani-kayode's accusation in a press release and he said. "The guy Is a spoilt Child one of those whose parent over pampered they hardly talk like human being. Apart from somebody who went into government he is in not know for doing business" stressing that the oestatatious rise of Fani-kayode was as a result of his parent. "i wonder if he's ever worked, and all of a sudden he has political appointment, he has nothing else to brandish apart from his father's name" Okorocha fires brimstone and hell on fani-kayode

The governor has however debunked the claims of Fani-kayode and promised that the president is well and will be back soon.


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