On friday night, Barcelona player Lionel messi decides to take Antonella Roccuzzo down the aisle after years of being together in his home country of Argentina. Suprisingly Messi and Antonella have had it going since they were very young and it never came as a suprise when the 29 year old football icon decided to tie the knot with her. Messi was never alone as he was joined by his teammates, the likes of Neymar, Suarez, Pique and a whole lot more. Journalist trooped in Rosario a lustrious city where Messi got wedded to cover the event and many have deemed it a humble gesture for Messi to Marry in Rosario. Of course having lived and grew up in Rosario it was like coming back to his too.

However The now wedded couple
have two sons prior to their marriage and it seem Messi never stopped loving Antonella after the started a romantic relationship in the late 2000s. Other football icons like Puyol, Aguero, Fabregas, Xavi and a host of many others graced the event of one the most successful footballer to have ever lived. And many have taken time to congratulate and bless their union.


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