Ajax pre-season friendly against German Side Werder bremen has taken a tragic twist after a young midfielder of Egyptian descent Adelhak Nouri collapsed on the pitch while the match was going on. Nouri collapsed in a match where Bremen where leading 2-1 and almost rounding up, the 20 year old who seemed fine before the start of the match collapsed with a thud. The pandemonium that ensued led an ambulance down the pitch to Check Nouri's condition, and an helicopter was immediately called for. Before he was taken away on the chopper he was given a CPR, to stable him, it looked serious because it seemed he was almost in a state of Coma. The match was subsequently abandoned and concerned players, gathered to say a player for the midfielder. Ajax who were unclear of the nature of illness, has tweeted saying they were unsure of Nouri's condition. However after being taken to hospital Ajax again tweeted saying Nouri has a heart problem called arrhythmais which he is undergoing treatment for, and is certainly in a stable condition.


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