About a week ago, senator Abba Ibrahim was caught on tape for the wrongest of reason, after he was identified obviously with two women in a sweet sensation scandal.
The senator who was formally the Yobe state governor had this video of him go viral, and a quick look at the video showed it was film by someone inside the hotel room.
Now the question here is being a serving senator in the National Assembly who is representing the legislative arm of government, is this act synoymous to representation of the law which he swore to? Firstly its quite suprising that Abba still walks a free man, its an act of mockery and a total degradation to the sovereingty of the constitution, it goes ahead to show how the rule of law has not fuctioned properly, it goes ahead to show that government officials are allowed to tread on the laws of the land of which they themselves have proposed.

Let me bring us to light that it was this same Abba Ibrahim that propounded sharia law against adultery in Yobe State, and it was still him who has shamelessly come out to hid under the guise that he has freedom to a private life.
Secondly Abba's actions are morally unforgivable, these people should be living a life which they represent, yet they go about doing the opposite, a well known Northern politician is married to a 12 year old child. And i keep wondering, where is the morality in the country? Its the lack of morality that leads to Crime such as rape, theft, embezzlement, child abuse, child marriage amidst a host of others, Stunts like this shouldn't be allowed when there are laws that clearly debunk the actions of the likes of Abba, it is clearly seen the house of senate and house of government is probably no job. In the sense that they are allowed numerous allowances and feed fat on the nation's economy, yet they not even account for the fat salaries they earn. On this note Abba Ibrahim has got to resign and with immediate effect and legal actions should be taken against him


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