Robbers Dressed as Policemen Made away with $15M In South Africa Airport

Eight robbers disguised as policemen pulled off a brazen heist at Johannesburg's international airport late on Tuesday night, stealing at least $15million in cash as it was loaded onto a South African Airways plane bound for London.

The gang , all of them wearing police uniforms, drove to the plane in an unmarked police van and two high powered vehicles and held up security guards as the money, made up of various currencies and carried in bags, was being loaded onto the airplane .

 source within has described the robbery as looking like "something scripted from a Hollywood Movie."

No shots were fired during the heist and no injuries were reported, according the Airports Company of South Africa. The robbers used access cards to open gates and gain access to the tarmac. 

They then escaped through the same entrance at the OR Tambo International airport with blue lights flashing on their vehicles. The airlines said the heist could be an inside job as it happened in an area of the airport  only clearly for personnel appropriate with the access tags. 


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