Senator Danladi representing Taraba north in the house of senate has today Friday been sacked by the supreme court, and has been asked to refund all salaries and allowances in his possesion within 3 month. Danladi who was unceremoniously relieve of his position by the Court also declared Alahaji Isa Lau Shuhaibu to represent Taraba constitutency in place of Dalandi who is a fellow party member.
INEC issued a certificate of return to Alahaji Lau and withdrew the one held by Danladi This had happened as a result of the appeal by Alahaji Lau who was alleged to have had his victory in the primary election upturned. "This court hereby orders that the appellant be issued the certificate of return and the respondent should immediately vacate the seat" after Lau was asked to return all salaries and allowances within 3 months. the high Court Declared in a five man panel The Nations highest court also has give Lau the oportunity to participate in election in the primaries whenever he wants.


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