Nollywood and the Nigeria literary society has today, mourned the death of another vetran autor, broadcaster and actor Adebalo Faleti. Faleti who has been known for his heroics as a Nigerian Translated the Nigerian National anthem and was known also for his exploits among the military heads of states during the military rule. A winner of so many awards, Faleti was the pioneer of the first Television station in Africa (WNTV) located in Ibadan, Faleti Starred in many movies in a very successful life time such as Bashorun Gaa, magun and Afonja. Faleti was a well known instructor,translator and a poet. Born on December 26, 1930, Faleti was aged 86 and was confirmed dead in the early hours of sunday by Niji Akanni who spoke to the NATION newspaper. The news has however come with utmost sadness and the Ogun State governor has however expressed sadness at the passing of a legend in art, stating that he will remembered for his good and examplary works.


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