We'll beg the Northern governors to Consficate the properties of Ndigbo

After a seeming Oct 1 deadline to Ndigbo to vacate the North, the Arewa youths seems to be growing impatient and they have spoken through the Arewa Youths Coalition Spokesperson Suleiman Abdulazeez. A statement through the Spokesman have come as another warning to vacate the 19 northern states. The Arewa youths have warned that they will meet the governors of the 19 state to withdraw the properties belonging to the Igbos, if they fail to leave by Oct 1. Suleiman who debunked Biafra as a terrorist group in an interview in Abuja. He believes Ndigbo are a hindrance to the restructring of the North, stating Categorically that the Igbos will lose all they Own in the North, if they exceeded Oct 1. Speaking further he said the Igbos are trying to divide Nigeria, and if there must be peace and no bl**dshed, then Ndigbo will have to leave. Have issued this warning, Sulaiman stressed there may be bl**dshed and no gurantee of peace should the Igbos exceed Oct 1.


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