What effrontery does Evans have to sue the IGP?

Lagos state goverment have passed bills into laws against the crime of kidnapping, apart from these he is also guilty of other crimes like illegal posession of Fire arm and even falsification of document and identity. His lawyer has of course argued that he is being held for more than two days which is an infrigment to his Client's human rights, here is Evan's lawyer trying to play Satan on Jesus forget that the same constitution also stated that there are limits to an individual's human right. Although sentencing Evans would be quite trickish for the goverment because so many people are involved, some hierachy in high place are in one way of the other attached to this smooth Criminal, and that is why i authoritatively say that the media are not feeding the populace the whole truth about this man. Of course he even went on to boast that he was arrested once and was later freed because he is wealthy. This would spark suprises about Evan's boldness and effrontery in sueing the IGP. I would have said Without even trial in Court Evans should be sentenced to death and also his death should be televised and aired to serve as a detterent to the other minature gang of kidnappers ravaging the country, but due process needs to be followed when it comes to democracy. Before the begining of the year a high percentage of Nigerian never knew Evans, and the disturbing fact is that how was he able to move around the country and even go abroad for many years? What if someone like the IGP never took it upon himself to track him? Of course this are rhetorical questions that Nigerians can never get answers to. But it is not insane to say Evans is quite a bold man to be sueing the IGP after his unforgivable Crimes and if checked Skeletons will still be discovered somewhere.


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